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Use Cellular 4G/LTE Technology for Your Best Outdoor Network Possible!

Wifi is a great standard, but it was never meant to address wide-area outdoor applications…

We Can:

  • Provide Hi-Speed Connectivity at your location with ZERO cabling/ infrastructure & minimal cost!
  • Bring 15-25-50Mbps connections to your guests within 1-day!

Our Wireless:

  • Is private cellular 4G/LTE with ZERO data costs!
  • Can go miles, through trees, buildings & around corners!
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Blown the Budget on a Network That Isn’t Working So Well?

It happens. We can bring an ‘add-on’ tech to work over-top of what you’ve already got in place. This can be your ‘Premium Network’.

Use the Right Technology For The Right Application

Make use of the same technology that major mobile carriers do to cover miles of distance, and ‘non-line-of-sight’ applications, right in your own facility.

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Small-Cell Network Equipment

A component of the New upcoming 5G standard, the equipment employs the cellular 4G standard either direct to consumer handsets or to LTE routers.

  • Mobile 4G/LTE Router (DC)
  • Optional ‘Fixed’ Outdoor ‘Hotspots’ (AC)

Both devices receive LTE and put out Wifi for data sharing on multiple consumer

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The handheld router can allow full connectivity & mobility around your grounds, & hiking.

99.9% UP-time. Hi-Speed. Great Reception. Happier Customers!

More efficient and powerful networks means that your clients will have less down time and a better user experience, especially over distances and/or rugged outdoor applications like your RV park/campground.

Find Out How It May Be Possible To Have an LTE Network installed At NO Cost To You!

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Give Them What They Need…

Provide a REAL Outdoor Network for Your Guests.. One That Works!

  • You’ve tried conventional outdoor Wifi, but it’s not working or ineffective.

  • Current Wifi networks simply weren’t designed for proper outdoor applications.

  • Let’s bring the power of a private 4G-LTE cellular network to empower your guests’ connectivity, so they can enjoy their stay to the fullest.

As an Added Bonus:

You can now provide FULLY Mobile Hi-speed connectivity to ALL their devices AROUND and even OUTSIDE your park, not just in their RV or campsite.

Plus, You Can Qualify For a 4G/LTE Network in Your Park At NO COST To You!

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