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Guests Don’t Just Check into a Hotel… They Check into a City!

Business travelers are among the top users of mobile devices today and are becoming more reliant on them to get business done on the road than ever before.

Top Hotel Cited Concerns

  • ‘Reservation Leakage’: Guests extending their stays through ‘Booking agent’, NOT your front-desk!
  • Aging ‘In-Room’ Land-lines: Old systems actually costing more money than they earn!
  • Competitive Differentiation: How to provide greater booking incentives?  How ‘Bundle’ & ‘Distribute’ incentives?
  • Print Expenses: How to lower?
  • Star-Rating‘:  How to ‘Up’ it?
  • Guest Contacts & Preferences:  How to capture?
  • Concierge Functions:  How to Modernize / Upgrade?
  • Guest Connectivity:  How to Connect with them ‘on-the-go’?

Learn how the GuestTel solution can address each of these, and more!

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The Traditional Hotel Challenges

Our solution provides savings on roaming & data costs. The international cellphone carriers still impose users per-minute rates for voice and data across borders. Despite calling cards & carrier ‘specials’, travellers are still coming home to unexpected and unexplainable phone bills by using their smartphones across borders.

  1. Marketing & Promoting Your Hotel:
    Promoting the hotel and boosting ‘retail’ sales direct to consumers is always a challenge.
  2. Guest Database:
    Hotels are now filling rooms through online booking agents.
  3. Hotel-2-Guest, Guest-2-Hotel Connectivity:
    NO easy way for hotel to contact guests outside room or the hotel.
  4. Concierge Capabilities:
    Guests require & expect concierge services while in hotel.
  5. Costly Print-based expenses:
    Between menus, directories and other print items, costs can exceed tens of thousands per year.
  6. In-room Phones:
    Aging, expensive to operate & maintain.
  7. Ways to Maximize Revenues:
    The relentless pursuit of savings on costs & boosting revenues from others sources.
Hotels need to understand the demographic and behavioral characteristics of these mobile travelers in order to build effective mobile strategies. Failure to develop a strong mobile presence could result in unsatisfied
customers and lost opportunities
Mark Donovan, ComScore SVP of mobile
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