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Guests Expect More!

Today’s mobile traveller is better equipped and informed than ever before. Is your hotel equipped to satisfy their expectations?

Wi-Fi Connectivity

In-room and hotel Wi-Fi connectivity is #1 concern

Mobile Use

75% of Wi-Fi usage is for cellphones & tablets.

Extra Charges

Roaming charges (often $100s per trip), hotel phones & related charges.

Despite calling cards & carrier ‘specials’, travellers are still coming home to unexpected large bills by using their smartphones across borders.

The Solution Provides

Our solution provides savings on roaming & data costs. The international cellphone carriers still impose users per-minute rates for voice and data across borders. Despite calling cards & carrier ‘specials’, travellers are still coming home to unexpected and unexplainable phone bills by using their smartphones across borders.

Sample Roaming Rates:

  • Canadians roaming in US: $1.50/min USD
  • Canadians roaming in Mexico: $3+/min
  • Overseas: ~$3/min
  • Americans roaming in Canada: $0.69/min
  • Europeans roaming In Canada/US: ~ $3/min
  • GuestTel Rates: $0.10 – $0.12/min

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    1. Greater Reach & Access to City:
      • The Free pre-installed ‘Cityguide’ contains full city content & travelers resources.
      • Extra large screen on 7″-Phablet to use with Mapping.
    2. Great Local Deals:
      The solution incorporates a ‘Virtual Concierge’ with detailed local offers/deals from the Hotel’s top merchant affiliates. Guests receive special offers and can ‘Call-thru’ to the merchant directly from the Phablet.
    3. Help Streamline their Trip:
      Free Guest services app to connect them to hotel, place requests, orders, etc.
    4. Charge-2-room feature:
      Allows guests to pay for merchant specials by charging to their room account (starting with allied merchants, and expanding to ALL local merchants)
    5. Digital ‘Tipping’:
      Allows guests to tip any of the hotel staff on their room Phablet.(Upcoming)

    ..More than half of all smartphone travelers look up restaurants & activities or attractions near their destination ontheir smartphone..
    ..More than half of smartphone travelers pre-load travel apps on their device..
    Text100 Digital Index: – Travel & Tourism study

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