Terms of Use

Terms & Conditions of Use

Signing & Activation:
By filling out and ‘Activating’ an account you are agreeing to be responsible for the data you consume during your activated period, (along with the device itself), and agree to have the data billed to you by way of your credit card.

Responsibility for services/rental payment settlement:
The person responsible for the activated account will be responsible for any/all charges incurred from the activated device, including ‘Loss’ thereof. If you don’t wish to see a charge on your credit card, don’t take or ‘activate’ the device, and return to the outlet you received it from, if you’ve already signed one out.

It will be assumed that by check-marking the agreement prior to signing a device out, that you’ve read through and agreed to the rates and terms.

Responsibility for assets:

You are responsible for loss or theft of the assets, and any unreturned devices at the time of checkout will be charged to your credit card.
i/ Simcard replacement charge: $15
ii/ Hotspot devices: $100 Cdn

• You are not to remove the Sim card from the Hotspot.
• You are not to breach, scratch or tear off any part of the Sim-ID sticker in whole or in part for any reason. Any torn or removed stickers could make you subject to a replacement charge of $25.
• You are not to re-sell any data/device and/or usage of data to another person. All activations are assumed to be for the individual(s) associated with the GuestTel-account in question.
• You are responsible for all data consumption through the device, so the more people on it, the more will be your data usage.
• If you loan out the Hotspots to any other individual, you will still be responsible for the data (or loss) they may incur, under your account.

GuestTel provides data plans only. However, data can be used to enable a variety of voip application (voice-over-IP), such as Vonage, Viber, Hangouts dialer, Messenger, etc.
Ask your front desk for assistance.

Consumption of Data:
• Keep in mind: devices often do operations on the background, mapping, location, etc. so you could be consuming cellular data without doing specific tasks.
• If you don’t wish to incur quicker data usage, turn off ‘background operations’. Multiple users on your Hotspot will also consumer data more quickly,

Monitoring your data usage:
• You must use your sign-in on the GuestTel site to Activate & check data-usage
• You will be responsible for keeping tabs on your own data consumption.
• You may also routinely check the Hotspot data usage meter (on display)
• If you do not wish to be charged extra, you may use the dashboard/My-usage, or the device data-counter as a guide to stay within your preferred data limit, Or, you may ‘Deactivate’ the device and your account on the same Dashboard access.

Deactivating Your Device/Account:
• You are responsible for entering a ‘Deactivation Date’ or ‘Checkout-Date’ upon Activation of your device and account. This ensures that the device will automatically deactivate upon expiry of the date, so that no one else can use the device & data that you’ve activated.
• IF you did not enter a ‘checkout time’, or whenever you with to ‘Deactivate the account & Data’, you can do so manually by going into your ‘Dashboard’ under ‘Myusage’ (on the right side of the mobile site GuestTel.com/Hotspot)
• You could be responsible for data usage after return of the device IF you have not auto or manually ‘deactivated’ the device.

Calculation of your bill:
• Your GuestTel device is integrated directly to a billing back-end service.
• Upon return of your activated device, you will only be charged for each GB or portion of GB of data used. Each is charged at the rate posted in the pricing section.
• Data usage as compiled automatically on your bill is updated approximately every 5-minutes, therefore the exact consumption as confirmed prior to checkout could vary depending on the timing of the system updates.
• As soon as you exceed 1GB of data consumption, you will be automatically be ‘rolled over’ to an additional 1GB of data, for which you will be charged an additional $15 Cdn.
• Your bill may also include a damage or loss charge in the event that these occur.

If you feel you’ve been charged unfairly, or have some dispute with the bill, please send an email with your full contact, and the complete details of your dispute to: disputes@guesttel.com Please allow for up to 7-days for a representative to get back to you.

Releases & Waivers, Limited Liabilities:
• The actual speed of your internet connection may vary due to a number of factors, including but not limited to; interference, specific phone used, performance of phone, the device switching over from 4G to 3G where it can’t connect to a 4G network.
• Neither GuestTel or the hotel are responsible for any performance issues of any Voip apps used while on GuestTel devices. Quality of voice-connection are all dictated by the operation specifics of each app, the device it’s being used on, the environment, moreso than the connectivity of a GuestTel device on a 3G/4G network.