How It Works

Portable 4G/LTE Hotspots

Now you can have easy access to roaming data wherever you go!

The hotspot can leave the hotel with you as your own personal access point to the city and rest of the world, for all of your data connection needs.

These devices can accommodate 4G/LTE network speeds, and allow up to 10 devices to connect simultaneously!
Share hi-speed data with your family’s devices traveling along with you!

Most importantly, no hassle with carrier-locked phones, or keying in APN numbers.

Just key-in the device’s Wifi password and you’re ready to take your data with you on the go.

If you have any questions or difficulties,

call our Guest-support line 


Support hours:  11am-6pm PST (M-F)
Please email any questions or comments you may have to:


1. Pick Up Your Mobile Wifi Hotspot | Right at your front desk!

  • Nothing to purchase
  • You can Pay-as-you-go, or commit to a plan in advance that will save you  $10! 

2. Self-Activate | Right from this mobile site

  • Go to the “Activate” section
  • You’ll be asked for minimum information to set up an account.
  • Then, simply key in your device ID (on rear sticker of device), then Activate. 

    Get Online & Go Mobile!
    Connect & share data with up to 10 friends & family members’ devices.

3. Track Your Usage | Right from this mobile site & device

  • You can check at any time while you draw data from this site, when logged in, or from the device itself

4. Automated Billing

  • Your data usage is complied and automatically billed to your credit card.
  • Just pay-as-you-go. 1GB at a time for your convenience.
  • If you go over, you’ll be automatically be set up for an additional GB of data.
  • The system will charge you for each GB at the rate posted.
  • If you opt for the Family Sharing plan, you will be pre-charged for the full amount posted.. And you’ll save $10!

Coverage Maps

Canada Coverage Map
BC Coverage Map