Connect Like a Local!

Available From Participating Outlets

4G LTE Roaming

Finally. Easy, Uncomplicated, Affordable Data Roaming in Canada.

Getting Access to Mobile Data

is one of the most important things you need when traveling. Especially to Canada!

You rely on it for SO much, for voiping, texting, in-app messaging, mapping, directions, cityguides, city-features & so much more..

Did you know that Canada is one of the most expensive countries to Roam in?

Don’t go home with a large roaming bill.

Right Here at Your Front Desk!

No need to waste precious holiday time searching for pricey options.

Your GuestTel Plan Gives You

  • Hi-Capacity Hi-Speed 4G/LTE Data
  • Dependable coverage
  • Zero-term plans
  • Activate Online
  • Hotspot device & tethering
  • No Commitment

Who is GuestTel?

GuestTel is the answer to hi-roaming rates in Canada, offered as a non-purchase rental service available right in your hotel.

Getting You Connected!

GuestTel provides the best way for you to get roaming data:

Meet Your Best Travel Ally:

Your own Portable Wifi Hotspot

Just connect to it’s Wifi signal, and take your Hi-speed data on the go!

The Best Part?

You don’t need to purchase or Pre-purchase anything prior to using.
Simply create an account and start using.

Our Data Rates

No matter what your data needs, we can accommodate you!

4G/LTE Data

as low as 1.2¢ per MB!

Hotspots Rentals

Zero Activation Fee!
(on Pay-as-you-go)

2-Simple Plans for you to choose from!

Pay-as-you-go Plan

Just pay per GB or portion thereof

just $15 CDN per GB

Family-Sharing Plan

Save $10 off regular pricing!


on your room account


if you need more data

Upfront or Prepaid Purchase

NO Upfront or Prepaid Purchase

long term commitment

NO long term commitment


Sim purchase necessary

NO Sim purchase necessary


NO contracts

minimum durations to use

NO minimum durations to use

expiry until you Deactivate!

NO expiry until you Deactivate!

How Do We Compare?

How do the GuestTel plans compare to other Canadian roaming products
in available data & pricing?

Getting Started

Take a Mobile Hotspot with you whenever you’re ready!

Simple Easy Steps!

Activate the device
from your phone

Take your “Wifi”
with you anywhere

Share with
family & friends!

Just Activate & You're Done!

Easy to activate yourself from this site.

1. Create an account

2. Select a Plan

3. Enter Device # on Sticker

Then you can take as much data as you need on the go with you.