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Our Complete Solution

GuestTel allows guests to put away their expensive roaming smartphone, as they explore the city with a fully-equipped courtesy Phablet as a prime mobile device or a backup unit for the family.

The In-Room Device

GuestTel is the only solution provider that installs courtesy Smartphone-tablets (‘Phablets’) in each hotel room for guests to use in OR outside the hotel during their stay.

The Phablet is a fully functional phone that comes equipped with a voice/3G data plan for guests to use at ‘bulk-wholesale’ rates.

Guests can put away their expensive roaming smartphones and explore the city with a fully-equipped courtesy Phablet as a prime mobile device or a backup unit for the family.

Replacing the Land lines:

The GuestTel Phablets can even replace the hotel’s own in-room land lines, tying directly into the PBX, Call-accounting & hotel PMS billing system!

Bring-Your-Own-Devices / B.Y.O.D.

GuestTel can also provide a complete software solution for guests’ own mobile devices, as a download app, OR for those hotels that may already have their own in-house devices, GuestTel can equip them with a solution including mobile-security, Plus back-office integration.

Pre-Installed Apps & Resources

GuestTel provides a 4-in-1 resource for guests. This ‘app-suite’ consists of ‘Hotel-screen’, ‘Guest-services’, ‘Cityguide’, & ‘Concierge Offers’.

The suite is designed to put all the relevant information guests need to connect with the hotel, city & merchants.

Added Value:

The solution also comes with a pre-installed ‘App bundle’ of resources for guests to make use of during their stay, for entertainment, top attractions, app-sites, key merchants, events & media.

Pre-installed apps save the guests from searching and downloading onto their own devices, as part of the GuestTel offering on a Free-to-use basis.

The Hotel ‘Home’ Screen App

This is the hotel’s branded ‘face-to-the-guest’ at all times.
This main screen can push ads, offers and notifications to the guests, wherever they are in the hotel or city at large.

The main interface is customizable for hotel special needs.


The GuestTel Guest-Services app is your 24/7 connection to guests, and there connection to you.
All departments are available for access as the guests may require, including basic information on your hotel, in-room ordering, checkout, online reservations ‘upgrades’ or ‘extensions’, & Feedback to name a few.

Streamlining Your Staff & Operation:

The key feature is that each guest request is programmed to go directly to specific staff regardless of shift or size. Now in-room orders can be placed directly into your system, and even billing integrated into your PMS!

City Guide

The GuestTel Cityguide is a comprehensive resource to all top features & attractions around the hotel and the city in general. This is a GuestTel database that is customizable, so that special exceptions can be added where necessary.

Key features include:

  • Complete City-wide attractions data-base
  • Can even be used in offline mode
  • Itinerary planner
  • Feature selectable Map, with road directions
  • Custom Journaling with secure Facebook Posting
  • City & traveler information
  • Multi-language, currency converter, general city info.
Mobile-Device-Management (MDM & Mobile Security)

The GuestTel solution includes special software-security that protects your guest data from being left behind on the devices, so that other guests could come across it.

The GuestTel MDM serves to protect the device, the guest data, and the liability that hotels face when guest privacy is breached by other guests, or where they’re exposed to possibly inappropriate content.
Upon checkout, all user-data is automatically wiped from each device, thereby leaving a ‘fresh’ experience for the next guest.

The MDM also protects the device content from being wiped by users.

Note: GuestTel is one of the few solutions that uses PMS-integrated ‘triggers’ to change the phablet ‘states’ according to guest & room status.

Front Desk Integration (into PMS)

Regardless of which property-management-system your hotel employs, GuestTel can ensure that our solution will work with your operation.

When front desk staff activate guest rooms for new guests, the status will similarly activate the devices for check-in, check-out, clearing, billings & uploads.

In addition, billing, airtime/data & in-room dining are are pushed into the system automatically in real-time, so that no billing loss will occur at the time of checkout.

Virtual-Concierge (with ‘Live’ specials)

GuestTel created a platform for hotels to host their key affiliates’ guest offers and specials.
Along with it comes a powerful content management system (CMS) for the merchant to push their own deals ‘Live’, 24/7 to the guests

GuestTel will actually become active in procuring ‘syndicated’ offers from city merchants directly. Therefore, many more offer-incentives can be brought to your guests, and new merchant affiliate relationships will be developed to benefit your hotel.

Guest Purchase Transactions

Now hotels can get in on guest-merchant transactions!

With this versatile guest platform, each Phablet is like a mobile POS terminal. The hotel can become involved with each of these transactions to approved merchants.

Guests use a platform that translates merchant discounts back onto their hotel room billing, so that the hotel doesn’t have to get between the consumer and merchant credit-card settlements!

Multi-App Content Management System: (CMS)

Hotels can take full advantage of being able to add or change any content regarding such items as hotel information, assignment of contacts, menu, push notifications, and live advertised offers, as needed for the Home screen or Guest-services app.

Data Capture & Activity Reports

Monitoring guest & staff usage throughout the app-suite is key.
GuestTel provides areas both within and outside the apps to view live reports on traffic. In addition, the system can collect guest data at various parts of the solution.

3 Kinds of Data is Collected by the App-Suite:

  • Guest contacts entered into various fields
  • In-App usage activity monitoring – where and how many times guests are using
  • Geo-Proximity tracking – where in the city guests are going
Download Apps

GuestTel also creates a download version of the app-suite for guests to use on their own devices.
The download is Free to the guest

  • The download is Free to the guest
  • We employ a patented Wifi-push-page. To guarantee high distribution of the app, since all guests looking to connect with your wifi will see the app-download in order to use the wifi.
  • The app suite is available in iOS or Android
  • Custom Hotel Branding – your hotel can have a custom branding version, as we’ve constructed our templates with a ‘white-label’ structure.
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