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Use this Complimentary Phone FREE during your stay!

That’s right!  Compliments of ________ Hotel,  This Phone is FREE during your stay.

Use any of the onboard pre-installed apps, and use as your own back-up phone.

You many only be charged in the event of making phone calls or using 3G data outside the hotel.

*Terms and Conditions apply

Use in or Outside the Hotel

Use your complimentary phone in or outside of hotel around the city during your stay.  It’s there for you to maximize your trip efficiency and enjoyment.

Complete with Voice & 3G Connectivity

Connect Like a Local!  All GuestTel phones come equipped with Local & Long distance calling, Plus 3G connectivity, and even texting.  (See Rates here)

* Terms and Conditions apply

Roaming Pricing Comparison

Let GuestTel save you costs, Plus help streamline your trip!

Mobile users often pay unreasonably high rates while roaming:

Roaming From Fees Talk Rates Extra Data
USA $2.05 $1.32/min $1.33
Europe $9.40 $1.68/min $.94/Mb
Germany $4.19 $2.12/min $1.42/Mb
UK $6.00 $2.99/min $2.01
France $7.00(/day) $0.00 $1.42
Japan $0.00 $2.04/min $5.50
GuestTel $0.00 $0.15/Min* $0.05/Mb.**
* Local or Long Distance (across Canada)
**100 Mb of data for $5.00CDN (Block purchase on room bill)
Connect with Hotel, City & Merchants!

Through the main GuestTel app, you have a 4-in-1 app-suite to connect with the Hotel, the City, and merchant special offers, just for being guests at the hotel.
As well, you can tune in to special hotel offers or announcements.

Connect with the Hotel 24/7!

Now you can connect with any department of the hotel 24/7. through GuestTel’s Guest services app. Make inquiries, Order room service, Housekeeping, all directly connected to your app.

Full Featured CityGuide

Check out the GuestTel Cityguide, a full featured on-board app to make your way to the best spots. Includes feature map, Itinerary planner, Facebook Journal keeper, Multi-language, basic city info and much more!

Nearly 100-Pre-Installed City Apps

Every GuestTel phone has a wide range of apps pre-installed as resources for you to explore different aspects of the city.
Why search and download your own city-resources on your own phone, when we’ve already done it for you?

Use as Your Own Phone

Use the GuestTel phone as your own phone, or a back up unit. Download Apps, set-up mail, etc.. Total security and privacy assured, each device is ‘wiped’ clean of user set-up data upon checking out. Guaranteed! (See next point)

Full Privacy Guaranteed

All guest-entered user data or apps or browser history is automatically wiped upon checkout. Each GuestTel device is connected to a number of back-end services that are connected to the hotel front desk/software. When a guest checks out, the phone becomes cleared automatically.
Your data and usage history will never be seen by anyone!

GuestTel Regular Pricing
GuestTel handset rental: FREE
Onboard App usage: FREE
Wifi-data usage: FREE
In-room calling: $0.10/minute
Outside hotel calling: $0.15/minute
Long distance calling: $0.15/minute (in Canada)
Outside Canada:
3G Usage: $0.05/Mb. (1 nickel!)

* Ask about purchasing the GuestTel handset through the hotel.

Special Seasonal Offer

Checkout out a GuestTel smartphone and receive a voucher for $15 dollars worth of discounts from local hotel-related merchants.
Checkout out a GuestTel smartphone and receive a roaming discount to $0.10/per minute!

Acceptance /Agreement Terms

Major Terms:
– Billing & consumable items/charges
– What their acceptance means?
– What triggers the $5 block charge?
– Responsibility for phone
– What triggers an automated phone-charge on their room bill?
– What is Theft/Loss/Breakage?
– Restrictions of usage
– Acceptance

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