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Connecting Guests to Their Hotel & City. Like Locals!


For Hotels

  • Cuts Operating Costs
  • Adds Revenue streams
  • Collects Valuable Guest Data
  • Valuable Services to Guests

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For Guests

  • Saves Roaming & Data Costs
  • Greater Reach & Access to City
  • Provides Great Local Deals
  • Streamlines Their Trip

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For the City

  • More Accessible to Travellers
  • Delivers ‘Flavour’ of the City
  • Enhances Merchant Reach to Travellers 

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Guest Intro Video

Travel is the most competitive category on the web, even more than adult content & gambling.
70% of smartphone travelers accessed mobile hotel content.
More than half of smartphone travelers pre-load travel apps on their device.
Text100 Digital Index – Travel & Tourism Study
US Mobile device owners prefer apps, spending 81 percent of their time in apps instead of the mobile web.
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